Name : Martin J LeeCharge : Whistlin' on a Tuesday
Key Role : Writer/DirectorPlus : Producer, Post, Camera

Our WunderKind (or the closest we've got)... Martin has written, produced, directed, shot, edited, animated and (rumour has it) even been seen in front of the camera. In days of yore he'd have been burned at the stake as a Witch... or a Warlock, or something. We're just glad he's on our side.

Name : Dylan BanksCharge : Crimes Against Humility
Key Role : Development ProducerPlus : Editing, Camera

Dylan took to Digital Film like a Duck to Hoi-Sin Sauce. An ideas man, a facilitator, a negotiator, a gentleman. Dylan is a driving force in the company with his no nonsense approach and well-reasoned attitude. Is allegedly a Doctor, but we wouldn't go to him unless we were really really really sick!

Name : Derek BanksCharge : Remembering the 60s... mostly
Key Role : CameraPlus : Client Liaison

A wealth of photography experience means Derek has more than an eye for a good shot, he has two... and some say that he can also sniff them out with his nose, in case he was blindfolded for instance. Quite simply, if Derek doesn't see it, it isn't there...