We offer a Full Production Service, encompassing concept through completion. This enables us to offer support and guidance at every stage of the production process. Of course not all clients are aware of the ways in which we can help them, so we have listed below a selection of the services that we can offer as either part of a full production or a standalone project.

Development and Scripting: All good films have a story to tell, and we work to identify this and translate it to film in the most effective manner. Some clients, such as Asian Art in London, already have a script idea, which we develop with them in order to get the message across clearly and concisely.

stills from Asian Art in London promotional film

Event Filming and Streaming: We have documented many events including music festivals, live art, theatre, corporate presentations, and current affairs. Footage can edited into a promo later or vision-mixed (as with a fashion show for Arcadia Group) and projected live at the event or streamed to the internet (as we did for Kilford The Music Painter and Cage Against The Machine).

left: still from live vision mix of Arcadia fashion show

right: still from SMS music festival promo in Croatia

Post Production: Perhaps you already have your footage (and maybe even an early edit) or want to create a promo from archive clips, stills or motion graphics? Our editors have experience cutting together footage from various sources for uses ranging from 30-second campaign promos to full-length feature films.

left: still from Tali - Dark Days music video for Audioporn Records

right: still from Colgate Campaign Promo film for Cohn&Wolfe

Animated Branding and Graphics: How much thought goes into making a logo just right? And yet, when translated to moving image the most innovation generally used is a fade-in and out. Using motion graphics we can dynamically animate your logo on screen, adding energy and flair to films, websites and even powerpoint presentations.

stills from PrivatSea "Landing Bird" logo animation developed for broadcast advert.

Special Effects and Colour Grading: How do you recreate a fire at sea without burning an expensive yacht? Or depict a forest at midnight with no budget for generator or lighting rig? Using our post-production software we can simulate these and many other situations that would otherwise prove too costly to shoot.

left: still from Safety On Board Motor Yacht Ilona

right: still from Remember - short film thriller shot day-for-night