digital [dij-i-tl] - adjective
  1. information expressed in discrete numerical form, especially for use by a computer or other electronic devices
  2. manipulated by the fingers or fingertips
    generation [jen-uh-rey-shuh-n] - noun
  1. a group of individuals regarded as having common ideals and attitudes
  2. the production or creation of something
    films [films] - noun
  1. motion pictures, as a genre of art or entertainment, or a medium for information

digeneration films are an independent digital production company with a fresh outlook, providing a hands-on approach and working closely with our clients to achieve a shared vision.

We provide a full range of production and post-production services across all sectors of the industry, spanning both corporate and creative spheres.

We believe that these areas provide fertile cross-pollination, and bring our creative sensibilities to corporate projects whilst applying professional structure and working practices to more creative work.