digeneration films have produced and worked on films in many genres and across a wide range of subjects, for delivery via theatres, broadcast, disc and web. We have close links within science, music and the arts, along with many corporate and commercial clients.

Working entirely within the digital realm allows us to produce high-definition broadcast quality output, quickly, effectively, and without the budgets normally associated with film and video production.

Our team of permanent staff and regular collaborators bring an immense amount, and just as importantly we believe, an incredible diversity of both industry and personal experience to the company.

This structure allows us the flexibility to take on productions of any scale, and avoids the costs of supporting a large permanent employee base.

Our clients range from multi-national organisations and local authorities to independent record companies and individual artists, and we pride ourselves on giving the same personal and professional service to all.

We also commit resources to developing and realising the personal projects of our team, which has so far resulted in a variety of drama, documentary, comedy and music… Though not always in the same project.